School is in session

With school starting there is a change in traffic patterns that is going to happen that older drivers are used to but new drivers may find it surprising. Please make sure to be alert and a little extra careful over the next week or two until you get used to the changes.

When school starts there are all kinds of traffic pattern changes that can affect your daily commute. Where you used to just glide through the neighborhood in the morning now you will find gatherings of students waiting for their school buses. You really need to be extra alert around these bus stops because kids being kids can be playing around. It just takes a split second for one of them to dart out in front of you.

If you are on top of things in most cases this will just be a little rush as you have to quickly apply the brakes. But if you are not paying full attention to the road ahead and some kid darts out in front of you too often you are not going to have time to respond. With all the things a young person has to deal with the last thing you want on your conscience is having to deal with hurting someone in your neighborhood or even possibly taking a life. Frequently, from a family you know in the area or through acquaintances.


There is no excuse for not stopping for a school bus with its signs out. Just don’t do it. For one, there is a decent chance some kid is going to run around the bus and across the street. Just like this kid does.

Or, people will see you do that and call in your license plate number. You can bet that the police will track down that number when things are slow and come out and give you a visit. Once you are on the police’s radar, meaning they know you exist, they will keep an eye out for you and catch you if you do something else wrong.

Like we have posted in past blogs, driving is the most dangerous responsibility we are all given. There is nothing else we do that puts our lives and everyone else around us in danger like driving a vehicle. Those couple of seconds you’d save by going around a school bus or zipping through a neighborhood are just not worth someone’s life.