New Florida Drivers License

Florida, like many states, has moved to the more secure license and ID card. This move started last year and they have been available since August 2017 at some locations and state wide since December 2017. You can still use your old ID but you’ll want to put it on your “To Do” list in 2018.

The design follows the new trend for security. It incorporates several fraud protection features that are supposed to be very difficult to reproduce. One of the big issues in Florida is that in the past several real drivers license machines we stolen in South Florida. So it was possible for criminals to get an actual Florida drivers license that wasn’t real.

The new license features many fraud protection features including UV (Ultraviolet) Ink, optically variable features as well as several pieces of data being redundant. One of the main features is that at the top of the license the header displays what type of license it is: CDL (blue), Drivers License (green), an ID Card (red) and for the Florida Learners permit the entire license format is turned to the portrait orientation. Also, the “Learners License” title is in orange.

Another thing new to this new design are the updated designations. Things like if persons are hard of hearing or developmentally disabled are identified on the license among a list of other things. If a person has a lifetime hunting, fishing or sportsman license along with the standard things we all know such as being an organ donor. There is even a sexual predator designation on the front of the license now.

Getting the new license is the same. Now that they have been out for several months the system is pretty smoothed out. You can go old school and visit your nearest DMV office (Click Here for the locations)  or you can get it online at

It is important to note that you do NOT have to update your license if your current credential is still valid. That is unless you change your address or name. But other than that your current license is still good. But if you are a frequent traveler you might want to opt for getting the new license.

For more information you can go directly to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor-vehicles department website by clicking here.