Florida Cell Phone Laws

Can you use a cell phone while driving in Florida?

Do not text and driveUPDATE: A new laws has been passed that makes it a primary offense. Also, there is legislation as of this update to make any handheld operation of a cell phone illegal. (10/4.2019)

The short answer is yes, if you’re using it as a phone or navigation device.  Get caught texting, well that is another story.  It’s illegal to text and drive, and you can get a ticket.  But it is what is called a “secondary offense” meaning you can’t get pulled over for it.  But if you do something else, like speeding or running a stop sign while texting, something you can get pulled over for, you can get a ticket for it then. But there is no Florida cell phone law that prohibits you from using it while driving.  Just the right way.

Just this past 2018 session Florida’s law makers were deciding if they should make texting while driving a “primary offense”.  Meaning that you could get pulled over for texting.

Not a bad idea.  The average driver does not need an added distraction.  Texting is too consuming of your senses to be doing while driving.  You must look at the screen which takes your eyes and visual focus off the road.  If you have any visual impairment you must adjust to be able to read it.  It is just too dangerous to do.  Yet we all see people doing every day.  All over the place.

Car accident from driving while distracted.43 states now have made it a primary offense.  Is Florida going to make texting while driving a primary offense?  No, not right now.  The bill has stalled in the session and will not be coming up for a vote.  Meaning it is still illegal to text and drive.  You just can’t get pulled over for it.  Yet.

Be a smart driver.  Don’t text and drive.  It saves lives.  You want to talk about the most absolute senseless reason to get in an accident and kill someone’s child, parent or sibling?  A text.  No other reason.  You were not impaired.  You just couldn’t wait a few minutes to see what someone said about something far less important than a person’s life. Just don’t do it.  The cost is too high.  It isn’t about the dozens of times you’ve done it and it’s been fine.  It is about that one time that you do it and it isn’t.