Meet your drivers license requirements
Meet your drivers license requirements
Adults and teens can take our Florida 4 Hour Drug and Alcohol course to get their first license.
This course is required for all new drivers who need a driver's license.


About the Course

The course is designed to teach new drivers (both teens and adults) the basic road rules, as well as the impacts that drugs and alcohol have on your ability to function -- especially as it relates to driving.

Minimum of 4 Hours

The state requires that all new drivers spend at least 4 hours completing a state-approved drug and alcohol course (TLSAE). Our course is self-paced, so you can start and stop whenever you want!

Guaranteed to Pass

Our relaxed course allows you to learn without stress. After each chapter, there is a short chapter review and quiz to help you remember key details from the chapter. At the end, there is an easy final exam. You can retake the quizzes and test as many times as you need so you can pass.

What else do I need to do?

You'll need to take the Drug and Alcohol Course (TLSAE), as well as the driver's license exam (also called the learner's permit exam).

Prepare for the State Exam

We've put together a comprehensive Florida Drivers Handbook Course that covers everything you'll be expected to know during your exam.

Take the Learner's Permit Exam

Teens 14½ - 17 years old can take the learner's permit test online with us! Adults 18 and older will need to take the state exam at their local DMV.


What Exactly Does the 4 Hour Florida Drug and Alcohol Test (TLSAE) Cover?

Florida Drug and Alcohol Test (TLSAE) is a 4 hour course that discusses the issues with dealing with drugs and alcohol when behind the wheel.

Our Course meets all the necessary requirements and more:
• Approved by the State of Florida DHSMV.
• 100% Narrated for your ease of learning
• Automatic Reporting to Florida DHSMV upon completion
• Bundled packages to Save You Money!

2CoolTrafficSchool pioneered e-Learning for online driver education. Our competitors just offered long pages of reading boring you to death before we came along. We’ve developed our courses to be fun and entertaining to not only help keep you focused but to help you learn. Our students are our number one concern. Our goal is for you to not only pass the exam but learn the material so you know it when you go to take your test.

Our 4 Hour Florida Drug and Alcohol course is approved by the Florida DHSMV and meets all the state requirements. Each chapter offers a quiz to test your comprehension. The TLSAE course is a mandated 4 hours and the topics covered include:
• The effect of drugs and alcohol on your body
• The costs of drug and alcohol abuse
• Risks of driving impaired
• Florida Traffic Laws
• Safe Driving
• Defensive Driving Skills

No Drinking and drivingThe state is trying to educate new drivers on the dangers of driving while impaired. Our course covers how different drugs and alcohol effect your ability to operate a motor vehicle and general knowledge. When it is most likely to be safe to drive after taking medications or, if you are over 21, after having drank alcohol. You will also learn how your body process these chemicals and how they can combine with each other or even with your moods.

The course then covers abuse of these substances and the physical and psychological effects that may lead to dependence. Also the personal cost of these substances and the cost to our overall society. How a bad decision to get behind the wheel at the wrong time can lead to devastating effects.

Next we discuss Florida traffic laws. Topics such as when your license may be suspended, revoked or cancelled. We cover safety equipment such as seat belts and airbags and their proper use. We also go over the very important topic of child safety and transportation. Other traffic laws covered include the very basics we should all be fully aware of such as what to do at rail road crossings, the laws regarding stopped school buses, the “move over Law” and minimum and maximum speed limits.

Finally we discuss “vulnerable road users” such as pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists. Here in Florida we have a great need to be aware of the special needs of our elderly population.

All of this is included in our course and is completely narrated for your convenience. There is no better value in the online driver’s education industry.


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I'm not a confident computer user, this was very easy and took my stress level down a notch (or two).
Alice S

Alice S

Fun, informative and makes you think... I would recommend this course for sure!
Roberta P

Roberta P