drive slow in fast lane

Did you know?

It’s illegal to drive slow in the fast lane in Florida. The far left lane is considered the fast lane. Even though it’s illegal, this law is rarely ever enforced. In fact, there have been only 381 tickets for violating this law in the last 5 years. Master Deputy Gregory Rittger in Orange County says that if someone does get pulled over for this offense, then it’s mostly a learning experience. The officers simply give violators a warning by telling them that they’re not supposed to drive slow in the fast lane. Citations are rarely ever given the first time around.

It’s actually dangerous to drive slow in the fast lane

It sounds a bit odd to say that driving slow can be dangerous. However, on the highway, people do go over the speed limit and this is the norm. In these cases, the speed limit is really the ‘flow of traffic’ at the speed everyone else is going. The current law states that a slow driver in the fast lane would be impeding the flow of traffic and that a violator can receive a $121 traffic ticket. Aside from the citation fee, there are other reasons why driving slow in the fast lane is dangerous.

driving in slow lane is dangerous infographic


1. It’s more dangerous to pass on the right

When there’s a person driving slow in the left lane, it forces the high-speed drivers to switch into the other lanes that are slower. This causes too much variance in speed on the highways where some cars are going slow and others are going too fast. Faster drivers will then swerve in and out of the right lanes, which creates greater risks of car crashes. It’s better to have high-speed drivers all in one lane.

2. Congestion increases the risk of car crashes.

When there’s a slow driver in the left lane, it backs up traffic and creates congestion. The more congestion there is, the more chances there are for car accidents to occur. Bumper to bumper traffic can cause rear-end accidents, especially if someone isn’t paying attention or if the car ahead slams on their brakes suddenly.

3. Slow drivers contribute to road rage.

We’ve all had it at some point when we’re driving. Road rage can occur anytime, anywhere on the highways. Having road rage on a highway is extremely dangerous because there are a lot of cars that are going fast, which means there are a lot of lives at stake. If there’s a slow driver in the left lane, then this person will contribute to another driver’s road rage eventually. Don’t be that person!