Don't Shiggy

About a week ago we posted on one of our sister sites about the newest viral craze called the “Shiggy“.   If you haven’t’ heard about it you haven’t missed much.  It is one of the dumbest things since… man, I don’t even know something that’s been this dumb in a long time.

In a nutshell, idiots are getting out of moving vehicles to dance and record it on video.  It didn’t start out this stupid.  The comedian Shiggy posted on his twitter feed a goofy dance that was a lot like how Carlton used to dance on Fresh Prince.  Just being silly.  The next step was a famous athlete doing it but stepping out of his car, from the passenger side, in what looks like the California hills.  Presumably to show off the view.  From there the wheels came off…

Now we have kids taking not only their lives in their hands but others as well in a completely careless manner.  Here in Florida if you are caught doing this you can rack up $1,000.00 in tickets.  Here is an article from “Trooper Steve” that lays out the criminal offenses you can rack up. CLICK HERE