The FUN and Easy Florida Drug & Alcohol Course or Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Test (TLSAE)

Getting Your Florida Drivers License

Getting a drivers license is a big part of coming of age for young adults.  It gives you freedom to begin to build your own life. 

If you are getting your Florida drivers license then you probably already know that you need to take the required Florida Drug & Alcohol Course, or the Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course (TLSAE).  It is a requirement of the state so everyone must take it. It is also part of the process for getting a Florida learners permit for driving so everyone 15-17 must take it. 


The course is for new drivers, both teen and adults.  It is  4 hours long and covers the following:


  • Drugs, Alcohol and Your Body
  • The Cost of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  • Impaired Driving Florida Traffic Laws
  • Vulnerable Road Users
  • Defensive Driving Skills


What is important to note is that taking this course is only part of the requirement to getting a Florida Learners Permit.  You must also take and pass the Florida Learners Permit exam.  We offer the Class and the Exam with our Practice test at our  TooCoolTrafficSchool  

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This Course is Approved by the State of Florida. 

TLSAE CLASS ONLY Credit card required
TLSAE in SPANISH Credit card required
Ultimate Teen Bundle (15 -17) Contains: TLSAE, Handbook Course, Practice Exam Module, & FREE Learner's Permit Exam!
Adult Bundle (18+) ADULTS ONLY Contains: TLSAE, Handbook Course & Practice Exam Module

What Matters is What Students Think.

It is as easy as they say. I was worried I wouldn't pass. Got it the first time. Def recommend. 

Katie B.
Teen Learner's Permit Package

Pretty easy, I like the way they did it. Much better than reading on my phone.

Ceilia B
Adult Driving Package

I'm so glad I found these guys. My brother used another school and hated it. All he did was complain. I liked it. 

Jack K
Teen Package